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Testimonial 1

Dear Claudia

I would like to take this opportunity to let you know how grateful I am to have you as my migration lawyer.

You came to my rescue not only once but three times with my 457 business visas and you were successful in all the applications. I thought I would only have to do it once, but as you already know, one year after I had my 457 visa, my employer sold the business and I felt I had no other choice but to go back to Ireland. My visa was about to expire and with only days to go over the Christmas period you successfully lodged another application for the new owner to take on my sponsorship. Within weeks it was approved and I was so happy because you knew how much it meant to me to stay in Sydney. One year after that I had been offered a managerial position in a successful restaurant and yet again I turned to you. My new visa was again approved in a little under 3 weeks.

You are truly wonderful in this line of work and I highly recommend you to anybody. I will be in touch with you soon so we can start on getting my Australian residency because as you already know I am planning to get married next year.

Thanks again for everything you have done for me.

Catherine K - Sydney

Testimonial 2

Claudia Vasko handled a number of visa applications for me personally, and for skilled migrants we moved into Australia as a Recruitment Agency. The difference between this firm and the others is simple: they give you a commitment and deliver the results with an attitude and sense of ownership that is second to none. Additionally the feedback regarding the progress of the application was timely and accurate. Given how important the whole process was to me, I would strongly recommend guidance at the hands of true professionals, which is what I found this firm and their staff to be.

Nick Forte - Recruitment Agent, Sydney

Testimonial 3

I used Claudia Vasko as my Migration Agent for my Australian permanent residency application.

Being a Project Manager I always thought I was pretty organised but found the whole prospect of applying for my PR a little overwhelming and at times confusing. In fact, I kept on putting off applying for my PR for these very reasons. A friend recommended Claudia to me and I never looked back.

She took the pain out of the process, making it clear what I had to do and by when I had to do it by. They provided great service with a personal touch and I have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone thinking about using their services.

Ruth E - I.T. Project Manager

Testimonial 4

Dear Claudia

A huge thank you for all your efforts in my case! Without you I still wouldn't have a visa! I initially came to Australia for a short break during another rainy English winter but walking along Bondi Beach a few days later made me realize very quickly that I wanted to live here.

As a qualified tradesperson, I heard that the job market was very good but did not really know where to start with the visa paperwork - until someone gave me your number!

You explained the visa process very clearly, gave me a list of things to do, documents to get and prepared the application with me step-by-step. Thanks to your work, my visa was approved in record time!

Thank you also for checking all my documents (from my CV to employment references etc) to make sure they met Australian standards which I know, helped me getting a job a lot quicker. It only took me 3 days to find a job as a welder, the money is fantastic and so is the surf in Bondi!

Leon Welder - Fabricator

Testimonial 5

I thought that applying for an ENS Permanent Residency Visa was going to be a long, difficult, painful process. Claudia alleviated all these worries and were a pleasure to deal with. She gave me a short check list of required information and that was my bit done! The information was simple to collate as I was given specific, uncomplicated examples of what was required. This approach meant the application was submitted within a few weeks of initial discussions and it was successfully returned from the Department of Immigration within a couple of months.

The money I spent was a great investment and I could not recommend them more highly. They are simply amazing!

David L - IT Professional

Testimonial 6

We have been extremely impressed with the level of service we have received from Claudia Vasko over the years. We have always felt that you have gone beyond the call of duty to help with our enquiries and answer our questions, very often after hours as well. (And that’s very un-Australian may I add ☺).

We have had six people including ourselves receive permanent residence visas due to your teams’ efforts and recommend you highly to anyone who is looking for help in this area. Best of all it has always been on a success-fee only basis!

Colin F.

Testimonial 7

Claudia Vasko has helped me with my Australian permanent residency three years ago and was always extremely efficient and professional. Two years ago, I started my own business in Sydney and Claudia has since helped me with the business sponsorships for my staff. Her expertise and pragmatic work ethic were highly valuable to me both from a personal, as well as a professional perspective. She comes highly recommended.

Barbara Fischer - Director Trendhaus Marketing, Sydney

Testimonial 8

Prior to contacting Claudia Vasko we were in contact with the visa agent who arranged my original work visa to Australia. We discussed our options for permanent residency and the requirements. The conclusion was that, it was possible and easy enough, we should do it ourselves. My wife and I were already working in Australia at the time on an employer sponsored visa.

Month later I decided to discuss an assessment of my situation with Claudia Vasko, as recommended by my colleague.

Left things a bit late - being 39 I would loose another 5 points off my visa application, at my next Birthday, but from the beginning Claudia Vasko was friendly, helpful and efficient.

My wife and I took all our paperwork into a meeting and received detailed instructions on other documentation we required to lodge our application. For us it was a lot of work and daunting, but turned out to be achievable.

Step one is to get an assessment done, that way you know what you need and what's possible in your situation. Don't delay, immigration rules are a moving target.

The defining moment in service excellence was when Claudia kept in close contact ("hounded") the Skills Assessment official and personally collected our assessments. This ensured we did not miss a critical deadline. Had we missed that deadline, our application options would have become seriously limited and incurred a lot of additional effort, perhaps even forcing a job change and relocation.

Happily settled into Sydney life with great job, wonderful Church group, a baby on the way, close to the beach and naturally lots of sunshine, we are thankful for the many new opportunities available to us now.

We're a success story which was on the brink of not being one. I've since recommended other colleagues to Claudia. We are proof that industry knowledge alone is not always enough – sometimes you need someone to go the extra mile.

Claudia, thank you so much.

IT Professional - Sydney

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